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The indigo CHILD

Who is Star Child, Crystal Child, Rainbow Child and Indigo Child? Many of us most probably hearing and reading this for the first time. This is one of the key point that explained in The Indigo Child book. 

What is IzzyLife?

Izzylife is not a person, Izzylife is a lifestyle. Lifestyle that promotes freedom through honesty, discipline, consistency. A simple and direct method.

How many people do you know that are 100% honest in their life? Most of us will answer very small percentage or maybe no one. Everyone has their own secrets, and we get that, we understand it. As a human being, we never escape from energy force known as fear, and that’s totally okay.


“When the outcast become normal”


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What people say:

I am infinitely grateful for my journey with Izzy...

For me Izzy is the best Dance teacher in the world… He teaches you how to Dance and how to connect and you can take that skill into your life and watch it transform. My life has changed when I danced with Izzy for the first time… I am infinitely grateful for my journey with Izzy and I respect and admire what he shares with the world and how he does it. Thank you Izzy you are a gift to this world.

- Darina

You begin to be proud of yourself and your body...

An indescribable feeling of freedom of movement from the dance.. It gets better and better every time.. You begin to be proud of yourself and your body. This freedom can be given by Izzy, a dance teacher from God… Thank you, Izzy, from the bottom of my heart!

- Julia

Just to let you know, meeting with Izzy is a gift of fate...

Passionate professional teacher with a big heart. The way he teaches is unique. First of all he helped to fix my body, my legs, arms, shoulders and neck. Step by step I learned how to walk and got some feeling from this “Izzy walk” which has totally changed my life in a beautiful way. My life became pure joy. I don’t have words to describe my gratitude to the teacher I've been waiting for all my life. He is teacher from God.

- Ira

My life is divided into Life before i met Izzy and Life after I met Izzy...

I can say with confidence that my life is divided into Life before i met Izzy and Life after I met Izzy. Only thanks to him I finally began to understand and most importantly to FEEL what is Dancing and the joy of it. Thank you Izzy

- Denisa

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Just 10 minutes walk every day can improve your health, increase your creativity and focus, and most importantly it is life transformative.