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The indigo child

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Izzy SuperConnector

Izzy is a SuperConnector who helps people to unlock their full potential and live their dream life.

Over the last 10 years he has successfully guided professionals from different industries and cultures mostly from Europe and Asia.

Izzy believes that everyone should live an abundant, healthy and Izzy lifestyle.

What is SuperConnector?

SuperConnector is a person who maintains contact with thousands of people in many different worlds.

However Izzy works differently. He leads you into super deep connection with yourself, releasing your emotional baggage and unnecessary ideas which are stopping you to live your dream life.

Izzy was born as “Indigo child”, and he has only one recipe for izzylife - super brutal honesty. He believes it’s the easiest way to overcome all your problems - It’s the shortcut.


Are you ready to be honest? Are you ready for the naked truth? Izzy challenges your long-held believes and questions limiting behaviour to bring about long-lasting positive impact.

1 call299 USD
2 calls199 USD per call
4 calls99 USD per call

* 1 call = 40-60 minutes