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The indigo CHILD

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Izzy SuperConnector

Izzy is a SuperConnector who helps people to unlock their full potential and live their dream life.

Over the last 10 years he has successfully guided professionals from different industries and cultures mostly from Europe and Asia.

Izzy believes that everyone should live an abundant, healthy and Izzy lifestyle.

What is Super-

SuperConnector is a person who maintains contact with thousands of people in many different worlds.

However Izzy works differently. He leads you into super deep connection with yourself, releasing your emotional baggage and unnecessary ideas which are stopping you to live your dream life.

Izzy was born as “Indigo child”, and he has only one recipe for izzylife - super brutal honesty. He believes it’s the easiest way to overcome all your problems - It’s the shortcut.

What People Say About Izzy:

For me Izzy is the best Dance teacher in the world…simply because he doesn’t teach you styles like other teachers. He teaches you how to Dance and how to connect and you can take that skill into your life and watch it transform. His classes are pure joy and full of knowledge too. He connects the dots of the whole dancing culture and that gives you the freedom to dance and develop your own unique style. He is the Dance and you can be too.
My life has changed when I danced with Izzy for the first time… We were almost still but inside everything was dancing – our hearts were dancing.
Izzy makes every woman feel like a queen so be careful you will not want to dance with anybody else.
I am infinitely grateful for my journey with Izzy and I respect and admire what he shares with the world and how he does it. Thank you Izzy you are a gift to this world. His classes are full of fun as well as knowledge. I have so much gratitude for what he shares with the world. Thank you Izzy

- Darina

Passionate professional teacher with a big heart. Izzy opened for me the fundamental basics of salsa, kizomba, contemporary and afro while introduced to me the culture of many countries through dance. The way he teaches is unique. First of all he helped to fix my body, my legs, arms, shoulders and neck trough special exercises, which he generously shares in each of his class. Step by step I learned how to walk and got some feeling from this “Izzy walk” which has totally changed my life in a beautiful way. Yes, feelings... I think the most important thing during our classes is that he teaches how to feel trough the dance. Izzy teaches music, rhythm, how to feel life, how to feel free in your body, in your mind and how to feel love in your heart. When I got all this feelings trough the dance, I became the Dance, I became free and my life became pure joy. Every Izzy’s class is just like life - full of quality technique, amazing vibe, passion and always super positive mood. With each class I can feel how I jump to the next level, how I keep changing my body, how my heart became more open. I can feel how fast I’m growing up in dancing and as a result, my life is also changing beautifully and quickly. I don’t have words to describe my gratitude to the teacher I've been waiting for all my life. Just to let you know, meeting with Izzy is a gift of fate. He is teacher from God.

- Ira

I can say with confidence that my life is divided into Life before i met Izzy and Life after I met Izzy. His unbelievable energy and abilities gets me everytime. His classes are fun and relaxed at the same time. He is not teaching „Just some Movement” in fact he knows exactly to the point what he wants to transmit and how even I can perform each move with ease. Only thanks to him I finally began to understand and most importantly to FEEL what is Dancing and the joy of it. Thank you Izzy

- Denisa

An indescribable feeling of freedom of movement from the dance.. It gets better and better every time.. You begin to be proud of yourself and your body. Each lesson brings new movements, new sensations.. it's never boring, it gets more and more interesting every time.. To hear music and just dance, without thinking about anything, without worrying about how you look, right or wrong.. Just music and dance.. This freedom can be given by Izzy, a dance teacher from God… Thank you, Izzy, from the bottom of my heart!

- Julia


a call

Are you ready to be honest? Are you ready for the naked truth? Izzy challenges your long-held believes and questions limiting behaviour to bring about long-lasting positive impact.

1 call299 USD
2 calls199 USD per call
4 calls99 USD per call

* 1 call = 40-60 minutes

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Just 10 minutes walk every day can improve your health, increase your creativity and focus, and most importantly it is life transformative.